Karacal Communications - Human Resources Consulting

If you're a small company, you may be looking at outsourcing Human Resources ('HR'), or for the interim services of a Human Resource professional either full or part time. Or you may be looking to set up the Human Resource function within your company. Maybe you would like to have an audit done to determine if your current programs and processes are compliant. If it’s related to the People side of your business, Karacal Communications can help.

If you’re a larger company, you may be searching for a Human Resource team to augment your staff with a needed skill set or for a special project.

Karacal Communications can provide a variety of HR services from transactional to strategic planning.

Karacal's consulting boutique of Human Resource executives, practitioners, and subject-matter experts combines more than 100 years of experience in the field of people management and organizational development.

Whether you are a start-up focused on strategy, a company looking to grow to multi-state, multi-site or international, a firm facing a merger or acquisition, or a mature business that needs to update its  approach or determine an exit strategy – Karacal can help your business achieve its goals.

There is no company without the people in it, and Karacal IS ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE